San Francisco

March 19, 2019



Wisdom Buffet: With Our Hands We Create​


This creative grassroots event mixing arts, food, and networking is based on applied Jewish wisdom, tikkun olam, and intentional community building. It will bring together a group of Jewish young-adults, community leaders, and philanthropists intergenerationally to explore the deep meaning of intentional practice (kavannah) at work, in their personal lives, soulfully, and the good they can do to repair the world.  


During the evening we will explore our purpose, what we create, share with others. During the evening participants will create a take-home hamsa, which they design using colored pens, that reflect their core values to repair and do good in the world. (It won't be a messy art project).



Please email Career Up Now’s Managing Director Bradley Caro Cook Ed.D., to register or to learn more.



Adam Swig


This event was made possible through the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation's Grassroots Events program

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