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Studies already show a steady decline nationwide in the number of young Jews who practice Judaism, and we further understand that even for those who feel an attachment to their Jewish identity, many begin to disconnect at the time that their careers begin with roughly 80% of their time being focused on their careers. Simultaneously, this generation is experiencing a loneliness epidemic further exacerbated by the COVID pandemic, with 61% of those 18-25 reporting high levels of loneliness according to a recent Harvard study. We believe that meaningful Jewish experiences and continued intergenerational community engagement serve to counteract both of these trends.


Too often we silo our professional, personal and spiritual lives. But true power lies in an integrated life where our work, ourselves and our spiritual lives inform and influence one another.


Career Up Now uses the inherent spiritual value of a Jewish community and Judaism’s timeless wisdom to help empower young professionals to integrate and find relevance and meaning in their professional, personal and spiritual lives by helping emerging professionals find:

Professional Growth

(kenesa) by creating a community where emerging professionals establish soulful connections with Jewish mentors who are leaders in their fields

Personal Fulfillment
Spiritual Growth

(kehilla) by helping the community of emerging professionals to develop critical interpersonal and soft skills to advance them in life and their careers through a Jewish lens.

(chokhmah) by helping the community of emerging professionals to embrace Jewish values and learn from industry leaders how they incorporate those values into their professional lives.


We believe that Judaism offers a framework for a whole life; filled with meaning, purpose and joy. We envision a world where Judaism feels both accessible and relevant at every stage of life.


 Career Up Now's Mission is to developing Jewish intentional communities of emerging professionals and industry leaders.


Career Up Now welcomes the participation of individuals of all faiths and people of all abilities, backgrounds, gender identities and sexual orientations. Building an inclusive community is a Career Up Now priority; we strive to accommodate all needs whenever possible.


To expand intentional Career Up Now communities, uplift others, and inspire them to apply universal Jewish wisdom and concepts for the greater good.


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