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Los Angeles

January 30, 2019



Israel & The Future Of Work

What Can Israel Do For Me

And My Career?


Israel and America, both drivers of innovation and progress, face a common challenge: how to develop human capital and build thriving 21st-century economies that provide the next generation with economic opportunity and meaning in their professions.  


The Masa Innovation Forum designed by Masa Israel Journey in partnership with Career Up Now will unite leaders from the fields of business, technology, entrepreneurship, government, and social impact to present distinct perspectives on the following questions:

  • What will the economy and the careers of the future look like?

  • What skill sets will be required to succeed in the future?

  • How can Israel play a role in my success and ability to stand out in my field?

  • What unique factors from Israel's society can I utilize as I build my career?​


  • Cathy Heller, Catch the Moon Music & "Don't Keep Your Day Job"


  • Alon Shiruzman, Keshet Int'l

  • Forsan Hussein, Zaitoun Ventures

  • Ami Dror, Leaplearner

  • Laurel Hunt, UCLA Institute Of The Environment

  • Ben Drillings, American Israeli Medical Associations

  • And More

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