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October 18, 2020

Wisdom Sharing & Networking


This creative grassroots event mixing arts, food, and networking is based on applied Jewish wisdom, tikkun olam, and intentional community building. It will bring together a group of Jewish young-adults, community leaders, and philanthropists intergenerationally to explore the deep meaning of intentional practice (kavannah) at work, in their personal lives, soulfully, and the good they can do to repair the world.  



Please email Career Up Now’s Managing Director Bradley Caro Cook Ed.D., to register or to learn more.


6:30pm - Networking at Buffet

7:00pm - Speakers

8:00pm - Breakout Groups

8:30pm - Closing

9:00pm - Program Ends


Russ Holdstein.jpeg

Russ Holdstein

"Acid Testing" Your Startup

Angel Investor

Brianna Lerman.jpeg

Brianna Lerman

Switching Jobs to Pursue Your Passions

Strategic Partner Manager, Community Programs at Facebook

Charlene Schachter.jpeg

Charlene Schachter

CS Philanthropic Consulting



Ilana Kaufman

Jews of Color

Jews of Color Field Building Initiative

Dena Goldberg.jpeg

Dena Linder

What Does Your DNA

Tell You About You?

Genetic Counselor

Yael Lindenboim.jpeg

Yael Lindenboim

From Technology to Sex Education

Sex Education

Will Katz.jpeg

Will Katz

Small Business

Wearer of Many Hats

Glenn Teuber.jpeg

Glenn Teuber

Google Fi

Operations and Change Management

Head of Operations 


Aaron Katler

Driving Jewish Innovation

Rachel Ernst.jpeg

Rachel Ernst

Success at Reflective

Gender Balance and Equity in the Workplace

VP Employee

James Heeger.jpg

James Heeger

Moishe House

Scaling a Non-Profi

Greg Marcus.jpg

Greg Marcus

Applied Jewish Wisdom

Through Mussar


Adam Swig

This event was made possible through the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation's Grassroots Events program
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