January 23, 2019, 6pm-9pm


Women of Wisdom: An Evening of Storytelling


Storytelling Circles - מעגלי מספרי סיפורים

Wisdom-sharing through storytelling is a long-standing Jewish tradition. For this evening of storytelling, participants will craft their own two-minute story in advance that falls into one of two categories:

Category 1: Jewish Rituals in Your Life

What unique or innovative ways to you incorporate Jewish ritual into your life? Do you say the Shema with your children before bedtime? Do you light your grandmother's Shabbat candlesticks? Do you have a nightly wind-down and say a blessing? Do you wake up with affirmations of gratitude? Feel free to share your tradition in a story form.

Category 2: Applied Jewish Wisdom

Mishna 6:6 in Pirke Avot lists 48 Jewish sensibilities for obtaining wisdom. For your story, you can select one of these and craft a story around that topic. It includes topics like empathy, attentive listening, and having a sense of humor. Read the 48 Jewish sensibilities.

Don't worry if you have no storytelling experience! This is a safe environment - and for those who wish to increase their storytelling skills, we have coaches that you can work within advance. This is an opportunity to take risks, connect with others in a safe and supportive environment, be uplifted, and for your soul to shine.


Please email Career Up Now’s Managing Director Bradley Caro Cook Ed.D., to register or to learn more.

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