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UCLA @ Hillel

November 6, 2019,



 Join Us For A Special

Evening Of Dining, 

Networking, Mentoring 

And Jewish Wisdom

Sushi Dinner & Refreshments Will Be Served

What is this night all about? 

Introduction from Stefanie Adler

Women of Wisdom: Cycle Sync Your Career 


Dear Women of Wisdom,


Join us for a special evening of networking, mentoring, and Jewish wisdom. 


We will explore the concept and application of Cycle Syncing. 


We will network, mentor, be mentored, and through an interactive workshop that will enable all of us to understand and tap into the natural rhythms of our female body’s hormone cycle to support us as a student or professional in our personal, professional, and soulful lives. 


Come to understand your innate feminine power

...what Jewish and ancestral wisdom has to say about it 

....and live in the flow of your flow! 


We look forward to seeing you there!

Stefanie Adler

In Partnership With

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